Ron Tiner - Illustrator

Ron Tiner, Thornton Hill, is a truly prolific illustrator who is well know throughout the publishing industry.

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"I never had the benefit of an art college training and I've always felt a bit deprived about that. As a kid I'd always dreamed of being a film-maker, and that crystallized into the more practical ambition to draw comics. I did attempt to get a place at an art college when I was 16, but my father said he would kick me out if I didn't get a respectable job. So that was the end of that and I became an engineer and, later on, an art teacher in a comprehensive school. But when I looked at published illustrations and comics I often thought, 'Hummm, I could do better than that,' and I'd be constantly producing sample pages to prove it. (Or perhaps I was just proving that I couldn't! I don't have any of these early pages so I can't say, with the benefit of mature judgement, whether they were any good or not - I suspect not, actually, but the dream wouldn't die, you see.) I would send these sample pieces to publishers fully expecting an enthusiastic response begging me to work for them. They were probably dumped straight in the wastebin.








The first time I got a positive response to one of my sample pages was from a publisher of a “men's” magazine called Rex. I can't remember how it came about. Anyway, my first published (and paid for) work was a series of illustrations for short, mildly raunchy fiction. The first one featured a woman with big breasts (straining to burst from a very tight blouse) with a couple of young leopards on leashes. In my enthusiasm to do full justice to my first commission I painted the thing on a canvas board four feet wide.”  BOOKS

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